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circlix is the first clock that uses concentric circles for hours, minutes and seconds.

circlix shows a fluent animation for all circles, starting as a single pixel until a large circle touches the screen edges. in the process seconds and minutes go from zero to sixty, hours from noon to midnight and vice versa.

recognizing the hour is easy if you know the colors used:
12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

(example: 1 o'clock is a small green circle, 7 o'clock is a large green circle.)
  • hours circle is the thickest one.
  • minutes circle is slightly thinner.
  • seconds circle is even thinner and different in color.
ambient mode updates only once per minute, omitting the circle for seconds and with all the used black, battery life should be fine. this is confirmed on the LG Urbane.

user data policy
We are not gathering any user data, all permissions are required purely for communication of state between the watch face companion app and the watchface running on the wearable. GPS is only read when enabled, and used to display your speed of movement on the watch, nothing else.

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